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    Community Missions Seminar for East Cooper Churches

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    St. Andrew’s Anglican Church welcomes representatives from East Cooper churches to its Community Missions Seminar.   

    Do you know the difference between offering a “hand-up” to someone facing challenges bigger than themselves; and offering a “hand-out” to respond to a more immediate need, but not really equipping them for a life changing experience?

    The difference is that of showing Christ’s love in our community.  St. Andrew’s invites you to a special introduction to missions and outreach opportunities here in our community.  St. Andrew’s is seeking to create awareness and to facilitate and support individual personal mission involvement; and to grow one’s faith through two established and proven local missions’ programs:

    • NEXT STEPS OF EAST COOPER (NSEC) which is a Christian Mentoring Ministry and
    • I-BEAM Child Lunchtime Literacy and Social Skills Program in our local schools (2nd to 5th grades) offered through the East Cooper Faith Network.

    Both programs need committed volunteers willing to open their hearts to others while enriching their own lives through giving of self.  St. Andrew’s is pursuing this seminar as part of its congregational goal called “Love Charleston.”

    Seating is limited.  Please come and encourage others to join you learn about these East Cooper Community Programs.  Please refer questions to Mr. Chris Brooks at 843-377-9013.

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